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Alumni Members

The Alumni Organization consists of all members of Toledo Triangle that have completed their studies at the University of Toledo. Our network of 200+ alumni act as the foundation of the Toledo Chapter by advising the active organization, managing the chapter home, and hosting annual networking events.

Alumni Executive Board

Christopher J. Volny
Vice President
Dan Robaszkiewicz
Matthew Schiering
Brian Kostura
Members at Large
Ryan Sunyak
Ryan Cohen
Active Organization President
Andrew Sokol
Advisory Board President
Tyler Moore
Housing Board President
Jason Knapp

The Alumni Executive Board represents the Alumni Organization as its governing body and coordinates its event programming, communication, and fundraising efforts. These officers are responsible for proposing and reviewing chapter project proposals, publishing the chapter newsletter, working with the Active Organization to maintain the chapter website, and hosting the many of our alumni and collegiate networking events.

Alumni Advisory Board

  • Tyler Moore
  • Colin Marshaus
  • Andrew Smith
  • Ryan Cohen
  • Michael Mayer
  • Ryan Sunyak
  • Brian Hasken
  • PJ Yanosko

The Alumni Advisory Board serves the role of advisors for the Active Organization by working closely with organization officers and attending organization events. The advisory board also serves as a liaison between the Alumni and Active Organization Officers.

Founders' Day 2009 Group Photo